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So, I missed blogging on my birthday because my hard drive on my brand-new-in-July computer crashed.  It crashed on my actual birthday.  That's just not ok.

But the day ended up still being super great, and the computer is under warranty, so we'll probably all be ok.

Speaking of being okay, I've learned something over the past few weeks.  Gratitude breeds gratitude.

I'm Captain Obvious, I know, but it's just become so apparent to me that the more time I spend thinking about being grateful, the more I realize there is to be grateful.  And, the more time I spend thinking about gratitude, the more I realize that I'm really so very minute in this world.  My life is total vapor-rific.  And, the more I recognize my own insignificance in the grand scheme of life, the more my heart opens to see more clearly how great God the Father is.  It really is the coolest paradigm.

And, today, I had another opportunity to sit back and just try not to explode with gratitude.


38 364/365

Tomorrow's my birthday.
I love celebrating birthdays and not just mine.  I love making a big deal out of birthdays.
This year, I have a special appreciation for the milestone of my birthday.
And, I can't really explain it.  
Maybe it is looking at the heartbreak in Las Vegas, or
Maybe it's seeing the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, or Irma, or Maria, or the earthquake in Mexico.
It could be just an "I'm getting older" thing.
Also possible is that the Lord has spoken to my heart in a different way.
But this year, this birthday, I'm walking into October 5 with a sense of total amazed gratitude.

You know those moments when your heart is so full that you are fairly convinced it will explode, and you are totally okay with that because the love is too much to carry?  That was this picture. As you can see, Carson is in his basketball uniform having a piano lesson.  Pretty mundane, yes?
It's what you don't see in this picture that makes my heart happy.  …