You know we need 7!

It's Wednesday- here's 7!

~My parents are on an airplane headed to Panama! (OK- they're actually on a plane headed to Atlanta, but Panama is the final destination.)

~Enjoyed a Father's Day lunch with friends!

~As previously reported, Carson had a great time at camp!

~Camilla enjoyed a playdate with a new friend!

~Everything is mostly in place for the Surprise- definitely stay tuned for that!

~Cleaning helper was able to come yesterday and today so I have a clean apartment for my parents!

~The new grocery shopping strategies are finally making a dent in our huge grocery budget!  Yay for saving money!


Anonymous said…
So...a post coming soon as to the new strategies? -A.
Cindy said…
Yes, please! You know we love hearing about your money saving ideas! Rejoicing in your praises with you and continuing to pray for your parents' safe arrival!

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