Getting ready for the Bake-a-thon!!

We have company (my Mom and Dad) coming in this Wednesday so I want to get the freezer stocked before they get here.  Tomorrow, Tony has to work late so it will be the perfect day for a Bake-a-thon!!

The goal is to make:
~1 almond pound cake
~4 dozen chocolate chip cookies
~32 crescent rolls
~12 hamburger rolls
~2 dozen breakfast burritos
~100 goldfish crackers
~a batch of yogurt

Let me remind you that I am NOT a homemaking-is-my-heart kind of person.  I will not be wearing a denim jumper whilst we are baking.   I will not be using words like "whilst." I will not be saying "Cleanliness is next to godliness, young children the Lord has entrusted to me."  This is about cranking out some food to save some money and have some fun with the kids at the same time!  It will be loud.  It will be messy.  It will be exhausting.  It will be a great time for the the three older kids to learn what they can do when they try and when they work together!

Join us in our baking fun!  What will you be making??


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