Thirty-thousand pounds of Bananas

In the name of Panamanian fun, we took my parents to the produce market today.  It was was raining.  It was an adventure in Spanish.  It was a good time.  And it was CHEAP!

Red peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, avocado, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, cilantro

Our haul:

77 pounds of mangoes- $5.00
50 pounds of oranges- $6.00
16 pounds of plantains- $3.00
43 pounds of bananas- $4.00
3 pineapples- $3.00
1 bunch of cilantro- $2.00
2 pounds of tomatoes- $1.25
1 avocado- $0.75
3 red bell peppers- $2.00
4 pounds of cucumbers- $1.50
2 pounds of zucchini- $1.50
2 pounds of potatoes- $1.25

So 204+ pounds of produce for $31.00!!!

Bananas, mangoes, oranges, plantains


LisaH said…
I see massive slicing, canning and freezing in your near future. That's a lot of produce to eat before it is over-ripe.
panaMOM said…
The mangoes will be frozen for smoothies or made into chutney/salsa.

The bananas will be made into bread or frozen- the kids' and dh's favorite.

Oranges will be juiced.

Everything else is manageable quantities.
Julie said…
Looks wonderful!!!!! Almost makes those other prices seem tolerable...

Is fish inexpensive there as well?

Dairy and convenience insanely high?
glenda said…
What do you do with the plantains?

What a great experience for your family.
sooo not fair!! You got a lot better deal than I did today at our farmer's market.
Lindsay said…
Wow Lisa! That is a great haul for produce! Love everything but the mangoes. (not that I don't like them but umm swelling of the face and mouth is a good deterrent. )
panaMOM said…
Julie- fish is very cheap. I'm not sure of dairy prices in the states, but I pay about $4.50 for a gallon of whole milk. Most processed food is very pricey.

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