Of course he did!

This morning, we picked Carson up from his overnight camp at the church.  He was outside playing basketball and was a sweaty mess!  He clearly was having a wonderful time- a big relief to his worried parents.  (And his father was worse than his mother.)  Tony went over to the courts to pick him up.  After stopping to talk to a few people, these two are always running for political office, they got back in the van. 

Carson immediately pulled something out of his back pack.  He proudly handed me a blue piece of paper.  I turned it over.  Best Camper Award- Carson.  Then, he handed me the gum and push pop he received as part of his prize.  Completely assuming this was more of a certificate of attendance, I asked him how many people earned the award.  "Two, Mom.  One boy and one girl."  I was stunned (and pleased).  He was clearly pleased that he had earned the award.

Carson with Pastor Andrew and his award.


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