Baking (and so much more) Day!

We started the day when I was able to drag my lazy self out of bed.  The kids were all up and ready.  We had to gather our things to have a successful day.  The essentials were in place.

The agenda!

The assistants!

The must-haves: laptop, water, music!

The ingredients!

We started the day with Casting Crowns and the crock pot yogurt.  The first time I made this I was less than thrilled, but I decided it would be a healthy base to smoothies, especially with all the cheap fresh fruit available.  We moved on to Chris Rice and the  crescent rolls.  The recipe was great last time, and now that Carson is an expert roller, the task was even faster.  We had those proofing in the oven when the baby got up at 9:30.  Got the Bits nursed and going on her oatmeal, changed out the ipod selection to Keith Green (sorry Amelia!), and got going on our first of the two new recipes: goldfish crackers! 

The dough going to chill in the fridge!

The rolled dough!

I decided a heart cutter was appropriate for us!

The heart crackers out of the oven!

As most of you know, I am allergic to cheese so I am unable to try these.  But the kids wanted me to let everyone know that they thought these crackers were fabulous.  And it was my favorite recipe to make all day.  Very simple.  Very fast.  And apparently, very tasty!

We moved onto the next recipe, Breakfast Burritos, and a new artist, Johnny Cash.  (That was the last time I let anyone else pick the music.)  We were on a roll.  I couldn't believe how much we were getting done.  Besides all the food, we were working through the laundry quite effectively.  Until, the bacon incident. 

Carson really wanted to be in charge of the bacon for the burritos, but when he actual saw the fire on the gas stove, he lost his gumption.  Camilla picked it up off the floor, and decided she was going to be in charge of bacon.  I explained the ground rules of stove usage to her, and let her have a try.  Of course, she was doing great until she grabbed the pan.  Next thing I know, she is screaming.  I quickly get some ice, and stick her hand under running water.  She continues to scream.  For the life of me, I can't see where she hurt herself.  She's just grabbing her hand and screaming.  I'm looking over her hand for the wound- finally finding it between her fingers- when I hear screaming.  But it's not Camilla.

Beating the eggs for the Breakfast Burritos!

Carson is in his room sobbing uncontrollably because he can't handle Camilla being hurt.  Great.  Now I have two to deal with.  Chloe asks me if she should start screaming, too.  Funny child.  I get Camilla some kiddie Advil, and put Carson in charge of her care.  This seems to settle both of them and allows me to get back into the kitchen.

Stinkin cute, but completely unrelated picture of the Bits!

Chloe and I assemble three dozen breakfast burritos and get them in the freezer.  I mop the floor, Chloe does the dishes, and we get lunch together.  These people's need to eat is slowing down my progress.  After I get them lunch, I put together the hamburger buns.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy as the kids would say.  I set them in the oven to proof.

After lunch was cleaned up, Camilla and I made new recipe number 2:  the beckery's almond pound cake.  And I finally switched from Johnny Cash to Scott Krippayne.

The lovely assistant!

The cake in the oven!

Chloe and I finished up the baking day with chocolate chip cookies.  Switched the music to Michael Card, and mixing we went.  I had run out of butter (already used 2 pounds) so we had to try some of the butter spread instead. This made the cookie dough super loose, but we were able to make the balls and get them in the freezer.  While we were working with the cookies, Chloe and I were chatting.  Faithful followers of the blog know that this is always interesting.  Today did not disappoint.  

"Hey, Mom."  "Yes, Chloe."  "Why doesn't Satan just give up?"  Umm. What?  Huh?  I never know where these conversations come from.  "Well, Chloe, because he's evil."  For any other child that answer would suffice, but this isn't any other child.  "But, Mom, he knows how terrible Hell is.  Why would he want other people there?"  "Chloe- Satan is evil.  There is no more answer than that."  (Two minutes of dead silence.)  "Mom?"  "Yes."  "Is Jesus going to stop Satan at some point?"   Me: "Yes."  (I have no idea why I thought that answer was going to satisfy her.)  Her:  "Like when?"  Now, I'm stuck.  She always does this to me.  I get stuck having conversations with my child that theologians don't agree on.  Unfortunately, I can't just have her call and talk to Pastor Tom anymore.  "Chloe, there will be a battle called Armageddon when Jesus will defeat Satan."  "That's good to know.  Is it gonna be soon?"  I'm done.  "Chloe, talk to Dad about it."

While the girls and I were baking (and discussing the end times), Carson was moving through laundry like an animal.  He ended up folding and putting away 6 loads of laundry!  We were able to get everything on the list made, plus all the laundry done, plus have the kitchen cleaned up by...

6 and 1/2 hours later!


Oh my heavens! Don and I really enjoyed reading this post. He is sitting beside me supposedly working. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!
Tony said…
I think you are pretty amazing to make all of this food even when baking is not your passion! But, I know that spending time with the kids is your passion...cannot wait to enjoy the food! I love you.
Julie said…
Could you share your recipe for the hamburger buns that were on your to-do list? I'm trying to find a good one that isn't overly dense.
panaMOM said…
Julie- the link is in the paragraph under the pic of the Bits. just click where is says hamburger buns. let me know if it doesn't work!
Julie said…
Found it! Thanks. Didn't see it the first time.
Mandy said…
So excited for you my Martha friend. Looks like you are getting into a groove down south. I can't wait to see you in July! We want to do a play afternoon and dinner one night if you have time and we can stand it after all day of VBS. We can even crash at the pool.
panaMOM said…
Mandy D (had to figure out which Mandy I was talking to- love the blog!!)- we will definitely get together one day after VBS/Music Week!! Look forward to it!!

(lovin that I'm "down south" from y'all!)
WOW! Can you come to my house???
proudmama said…
just found out that we might be able to see you guys. we are coming back early from CR and will be there on the 12th. so if you are free maybe we can tag along and meet somewhere for playtime. OI know Lukas would love to see Camilla!!! so proud of you, I totally know how hard it is to adjust and it sounds like you guys are doing great!

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