Day One of Household Helpers

The yummys boiling away on the stove!

Today was the first day of my household helpers (HH for further reference) helping.  I was very nervous, and part of me was hoping they wouldn't come.  They did.  And I'm thankful. 

The morning started a little rough because I didn't have everything I needed for Panamanian food.  HH#2 was trying to tell me what to get at the store, but she spoke no English and my Spanish doesn't include the entire grocery store.  So HH#1 stayed here with the kids, and HH#2 and I went to the grocery store to buy what she needed.  (Got some milk and tortillas while we were there.  I am completely incapable of walking into a grocery store and sticking to the list.)  We got home in about an hour, and the day picked up.

White Rice

HH#1 cleaned bathrooms while HH#2 cooked.  My house was immediately filled with the wonderful spells of cilantro, lentils, and grilled chicken.  Chloe, my ever-ready eater, kept going back into the kitchen just to have the opportunity to smell the fabulous new foods.    Meanwhile, HH#1 got to clean bathrooms.  I felt really badly for her.  I love cooking so the thought of not cooking in favor of cleaning broke my heart for her, but she assured me that she did not want anything to do with the cooking.  I still don't get it, but I'll take her word on it.  She did a great job.


When the 6 hour day was done (minus the hour spent at the grocery store), I ended up with 4 clean bathrooms and 5 pots of food.  Chloe thought more cleaning could have been done, but the bathrooms were gross, and we had to figure out where all the cleaning supplies were.  (I hear the judgement out there.  Back off.)  Total cost for household helpers- $30.00.  I am completely pleased with Day 1.  So pleased, in fact, that HH#1 is coming tomorrow to stay with the baby during the big kids' evaluations.

Chicken Soup


Some Spanish word I couldn't understand.

(And I asked because I know some of you are interested, they don't have relatives in the United States.  And work Visas are impossible to come by.)


Anonymous said…
HH #1 is my kind of girl! You tell her it's fine if she wants nothing to do with the kitchen! By the way, does she sew? I could have a new Panamanian BFF!
Melissa said…
SO jealous!I know of a "cleaning lady" that a couple of moms in my neighborhood use, but Jason doesn't think it is a justified expense :( I would probably just clean before she came because I would be embarrassed for someone to see our mess.
lizbeth321 said…
you'll have to let me know what the unidentified meal tastes like!!
Kristina said…
It all looks delicious.
panaMOM said…
Elizabeth- unidentified meal is fabulous. It's a kind of chicken stew.

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