Wednesday's Weekly 7!

Let's Praise Him because He is- and because He has the plan!

~We heard back from school #1- all three kids were accepted!!

~We heard back from school #2- all three kids were accepted!!

~God's provided me with the opportunity to completely rely on His direction!!

~The kids continue to do a great job adjusting to life in Panama!!  This includes their continued effort to make friends and to get along with each other.  The bickering I dealt with in Georgia is gone!

~Coralynn took a nasty fall from her changing table (not the praise), but had no injuries other than a bruise and bump on her forehead (that's the praise)!!

~Chloe has made huge strides academically.  I'm so pleased with her progress!! 

~Camilla is getting so grown up.  She's been shy for a very long time, but she is beginning to come into her own!!  I love watching her blossom!


Kristen said…
Nice to hear all of the praises the Lord has allowed you to see! He is so good and merciful! =) He is good and He does good! Great post full of lots of joy!

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