Funsy Friday- Our Soundtrack

No, we won't be singing.  (Cue big sigh of relief from cyperville).   It's more the theme songs of my family.  So, here is an opportunity to get to know us through song.  (With much appreciation youtube.)

Tony and Lisa: The Dating Years
(my apologies for the picture- though the irony...)

Meet Lisa
(Those who know me know that transparency is my end all.  Too much fake in this world. Someone posted on my facebook page the other day that they appreciated my transparency. No compliment do I value more highly.)

Meet Tony
(Tony chose this song himself.  I'll let you determine your own commentary.  Maybe he is the underdog who overcomes?)

Meet Lisa- the Parent
(I'm an unashamed Daddy's girl.  I love the way I was raised.  I was always allowed to have a voice- though often too loud for Dad.  I want my kids to know they were loved and respected and heard.  My parenting is a legacy to my parents.)

Meet Tony- the Parent
(At some point I will post a video of Tony and the oldest 3 singing this.
 It's too cute.  They've spent much time perfecting it. 
My kids are blessed with a Dad who's silly and engaged.  Even though his work takes more time away from us than anyone would prefer, Tony makes sure his kids know their importance to him.  Not every kid has a daddy who sings backup vocals for them.)

The Family Theme Song
(It's our life's motto:  Wherever He Leads I'll Go. I couldn't find a version of that song I liked.  This was a vialbe substitute.   So far Illinois, Georgia, and Panama.   I look forward to walking the rest of the journey.)


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