Funsy Friday- Guest Blogger!!

(Carson will be bringing you today's blog post.  All the words are his with some typing assistance from his mom.)

I like the driving in Panama.  It is fun here.  I am going to camp today.  It is at the church.  I am sure it will be really fun.  (Note from Mom- Carson apparently has his Grandfather's dislike of contractions.)  And I am also going to watch Cars 2 on June 24.  I like it in the apartment.  I have a room with my sister, Coralynn.


lizbeth321 said…
Love it! Hope he has a great time at camp! I also dislike contractions (of a different definition).

Note from Isabelle:
cool hope you have fun
Anonymous said…
Have a great time tonight, Carson
Love Grandma & Grandpa

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