Question. Question. Who has a question??

I was reading through the blog's comments today (I really should be better about that), and I came across one that I could answer.  With a picture!!  The question- how big is my freezer.  It's the same size as the refrigerator.  The fridge and freezer remind me of the kitchens on MTV's Cribs.  The rest of el (or is it "un")apartmento doesn't live up to the comparison.

So, what question do you have about Panama? 


Cindy said…
That totally rocks!! Now that you've said the rest of the apartment doesn't live up to the refrigerator/freezer, I'm curious about the rest of the apartment! ;) Are you willing to share more pictures? (Okay, in all honesty, I've been curious about the apt since you moved in but now I feel a little more comfortable asking! lol) I enjoy seeing the differences & likenesses of homes in other countries/areas.
panaMOM said…
I will get pics up soon. I've been wanting to do a sort of tour, but I haven't been able to determine the best strategy- pics or video. Preference?
Melissa said…
Holy smokes! I have a big freezer but it doesn't look like that!! It is tucked away in a dark scary room in my basement. I would love to see pics of the apt.
Anonymous said…
thanks for getting right on that!! I figured it had to be big with all of that baking you've been doing!! Don't know about the rest of the place but the kitchen sure looks nice! Mandy
Nancy said…
I wanted to ask for a home tour too. Maybe you could do pics and video. I also want a grocery store tour.
panaMOM said…
oh- Nancy, you know grocery stores are my favorite. We'll add that to the list!! We'll do a home tour soon, too!

Thanks for all the ideas!!
Cindy said…
Either or both would be great! I like the grocery store tour suggestion, too. The one sounds so dreadful, but seems like you didn't want to shop there anymore so I won't ask for a tour of that one! :)
I would love to see any videos of Panama. :) Maybe the next time you go to the open air markets?? Question- you mentioned the lizards being the in the apartment in the beginning, are they still a problem? Is it easy for pests to get into the apartment? I hate lizards! *shudder*

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