Pet Peeve Pause

Please take a break from your regularly scheduled Monday morning to allow me to share my pet peeves.  This isn't complaining, but laughing at myself for the stuff that bothers me. 

~Chick-Fil-A employees who say "My pleasure" when their body language make it very clear they aren't pleased.

~Bug bites.

~People who ask for opinions and then get upset when your opinion is different than theirs.

~Jobs not done completely or correctly.

~Sticky stuff.  I hate sticky stuff.  Jelly, honey, taffy- oh my!

~Passive aggressiveness.  If you have something to say, just say it.

~Not using lose and loose correctly.  (The first one is when you didn't win or can't find something.  The second is how your pants feel when you've lost weight.)

~People living beyond their financial means.  Who are you trying to impress?  And will they care when you are in financial ruin- will they stand next to you while you file bankruptcy?

~People who know more about Panama than we do becaues they've seen House Hunters International.

So, what's your list? Leave me a comment, and let me know!


Julie said…
I didn't think I had any, but I sure can't stand sticky stuff, either. And the orange residue from cheetos is enough to make me think that I might loose my mind. (giggle)
Melissa said…
People who get on the elevator before people on the elevator have a chance to get off.

People who stand in the middle of an aisle and have a conversation, oblivious to people trying to get through.

People who drive too slowly in the left lane.

When people bump you in a crowd and don't say excuse me.

Typing these out I've noticed that most of my pet peeves have to do with traffic flow. Hmm....

Oh and a big one recently is when single people with no children complain about how they don't get enough sleep and have too many things going on that they are soooooo stressed. Try being in charge of a whole family of people's health, finances, activities, transportation, moral upbringing, etc. and then tell me about how busy you are. (OK, this one really isn't fair because you don't get it until you have to do it, but it's still annoying)
Erica said…
hmm, passive aggresive people.

people who leave their blinkers on.

people who cut you off and then go slow.

agreeing with Melissa- people who stand in the middle of the aisle while other's are trying to get thru.

people who "borrow" things without asking and then either return it broken or not at all.
I REALLY hate when people touch/take things that aren't their's.

people who gripe all the time (haha as I list my gripes ;) ) I like to be around positive people.
Lesa said…
**The over use of the word 'issue' or 'issues.' Especially when referring to someone who grates on a nerve or has a problem. This dove tails into the passive agressive item on your list. I'm sure of it.

**Neighbors lawnmowers with no muffler used during Sunday dinner.

**Neighbors. Ok, revised. Neighbors with issues.

**People talking on their cell phones in the library. Take it outside folks, no one wants to hear your drama---we can access better drama.

**Uncovered items in the refrigerator. Unidentified sources of sticky/messy spots in the refrigerator.

**My first name being spelled wrong by older-than-me family members.

Wow, how cathartic! Interesting the things that come up when given a bit of consideration. Hope today is a banner day for you and yours,

lizbeth321 said…
hmmm...this could get lengthy! ;-)

* Fake people (I don't mean genuine good intentions that are not followed through on...I mean fake...that is just disappointing)

* not cleaning off the ketchup, mustard, dressing, etc. lids before closing them. So nasty!

* When we're company in someone's home and the tv stays on the whole time for no reason!

* Oblivious people!

* Lousy customer service

* bugs

* People assuming that I have it easy staying at home. (there are many blessings and advantages I'm thankful for)

* Friends with pools they don't have to maintain (but I still love ya)
panaMOM said…
Too funny, ladies!!

Thanks for sharing. (And Melissa, you may want to postpone your Panama trip for just a little while. The traffic would do you in!)

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