Cooking with Kids!

After I completed yesterday morning's post about pet peeves, it occurred to me that people who have to get sitters before they can do anything is another pet peeve of mine.  I've been blessed with many people willing to help me with keeping the kids so I could go to a prenatal appointment (kids don't really need to see that) or to the dentist (there is no worse place to try to control a toddler), but overall, the kids are with me all the time.  I like it that way. 

I had intended to spend yesterday afternoon baking so I decided that we ALL were going to bake ALL day long.  It was a smashing success.  The kids were so willing.  Keeping only the kitchen a/c on helped their willingness considerably!

You know how what they say about necessity being the mother of invention??  Pam makes a great rolling pin.

Carson was my butterhorn roll assistant.  He took great pride in punching down the risen dough.  The giggle was slightly evil.  Not sure about that, but he was a house-a-fire with the rolling Pam.  I had explained to him that he needed to make sure the dough sections were each about 12 inches to guarantee that they cooked in the same amount of time.  Unfortunately, he took me a little too seriously and measured each of the 4 sections to guarantee accuracy.

After he was done, he had made 32 whole wheat butterhorn rolls.   They are packed up in the freezer waiting for us to devour them.

Completely unrelated stinkin' cute picture of the Bits.

While Carson and I worked on the rolls, the big girls were on cookie-dough duty.  We like chocolate chip cookies but really don't like the mess of making them.   We decided to just make and freeze all the dough to keep handy in the freezer for future use.

The girls were able to send 9 dozen cookie dough balls to the freezer,  We also made 18 breakfast burritos, 1/2 gallon of freshly-squeezed orange juice, and a batch of tzatziki.  The kids were a huge help.  It would have been faster without them, but it is so much fun watching them learn something new.


Julie said…
So I should rethink my plan to take all six along with me on Friday for my dentist appointment???

LOVE Carson with the tape measure! Accuracy is never overrated.
panaMOM said…
Take your oldest. Then your youngest will be fine.

I was so surprised that Carson wanted to get the measuring tape. He normally has my spirit of good enough is good enough, but I guess he was channeling his dad's perfectionism!
Lisa Joy said…
Yesterday when I made 60 minute rolls for dinner, my 5 year old begged to help shape the rolls. I was truly in a hurry, but how could I resist letting her "help"? She was sooo proud to show them to Daddy at dinner : )
Anonymous said…
How big IS your freezer?? Mandy
panaMOM said…
Oh picks of the freezer- I can do that!!

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