Weekly 7! The Praising and Praying Edition!

Time to take a minute out of the middle of the week, and thank God for who He is and the blessings He sends!  But I've got to tell you the truth.  I'm struggling with it a little bit today.  Not because I don't have anything to praise for, but because I have so much and so many to pray for.  We are told to both pray without ceasing and to give thanks in all things (Lisa's Handy Translation, LHT- 1 Thess 5:17-18). So today, we will do both.

~My baby girl continues to put on weight and grow.  She is cruising around furniture!
 (Please join me in prayer for a friend's unborn baby who wants to join the world a little earlier than recommended.)

~I have 4 beautifully happy and healthy children!
(Please join me in praying for a friend of an acquaintance's daughter who is having brain surgery today.)

~We had a wonderful staycation.  Any extra time we spend with Tony is always special!
(Praying for a lady whose cancer prognosis looks bleak.  May whatever time she has left be spent enjoying her teens and husband.)

~We got in and out of the Embassy quickly today!
(Pray for a friend who is deployed overseas and his wife and boys at home.)

~My kids have 4 wonderful grandparents, 2 great grandmas, and 1 great grandpa who love them to pieces!
(Pray for our dear friend's mom who is having a heart procedure today.)

~We heard back from one of the schools, and it has spots available for all the kids!
(Please pray that the kids do well with their evaluations, and they are able to attend the school.)

~Our church continues to be an adventure in faith,  Every service challenges our preconceived notions of God and challenges us to trust Him more
(Pray that our lives, the joys and struggles, will bring glory to Him, not attention to ourselves.)


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