They Know!

Whew! No more secrets!

We went to dinner to celebrate my parent's 40th anniversary.  While the kids and the grownups were getting in the van, I stayed upstairs and got the clues in place.  The first one was on the front door.  When we got home, the kids saw the first clue, and the game was on!

The door clue sent the kids to the Master bedroom where they found the 2nd clue and a pair of scissors.

Clue 2 sent them to the kitchen where they found another clue and the laptop.

This clue sent them to the girls' bedroom which was filled with balloon.  Two of the balloons had clues in them.  One balloon contained the paper clue.  Another balloon had a flash drive in it.  They had to use the scissors to open the balloons.

After we collected all the clues from the balloons, we set up the computer in the master bedroom so they could all see it clearly.  On the flash drive was a video I had taken a few weeks ago.  It shows Chloe's best friend, Libby, reading the final clue.  While you watch this next clip, watch both my kids' reactions and Libby's.  I think Libby is actually my child.   Chloe has her Daddy's cool demeanor.  And Carson is just skeptical- no real surprise.

Now that all has had a chance to sink in, the kids are super excited- and so am I!


Julie said…
So cute!

(I love Libby's accent. Just had to say that. :))
Cindy said…
What fun!!! "Why does Libby have to be there?" LOLOLOL Cracked me up! I'm thrilled for you guys, and happy that you no longer have to keep it secret! :)
Anonymous said…
My kids just watched the videos, and they are SUPER excited about the visit!!!!!
(Notice multiple exclamation points!)
So Cute! I had tears in my eyes- what a wonderful surprise and fun way to let the kids know.

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