Day 7. Brag Session!!

Tonight, I just have to brag on Chloe.  (I asked her permission first.)

Friday night, Chloe had an overnight retreat at the church.   She went to bed about 2am, got up at 7:45. and had an outdoor dance class from 9-12.  To say she was tired last night would be a disservice to the word "tired."

As we were getting ready for church this morning, we realized that Chloe was still sleeping.  We woke her up, told her we were leaving, and let her go back to sleep. During church, I sent her a few messages to check on her and make sure all was well.

At 12:15, I got a message asking if she should make dinner.  I told her that I'd call her when we were done at church.  When we were finally leaving, about 1:00 pm, I gave her a call.  Before I could tell her that we would grab her and then go get dinner, she had news for me.

She'd made dinner.

All on her own.  Without anyone telling her to!

Chickpea-zucchini patties, peas, rice, and a salad!

I was so proud of her!!  Nothing makes this momma happier than watching one of my children think through a situation, determine what the best plan is, and act on it confidently without "checking" with me first.

So proud of her!


Anonymous said…

Way to go Chloe!!!!!

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