Day 21. A Review From Yesterday

Just another Sunday in Panama...

We started our morning at our church, Gamboa Union, where we know that "God Loves Tourists."  There really isn't a quick way to describe Gamboa Union.  We never really know what each Sunday is going to look like, but we know we want to see what happens.

This Sunday, we had "hello" and "goodbyes" to say.  The amazing couple on the left are leaving Panama and moving to South Korea.  They have been an awesome example of living every day completely and sacrificially.

Then, we said "hello" to a dance team from YWAM.  It was so much fun to be sitting at a church in Panama, watching a street dance team from the US and Central America teach kids about Jesus.   This is why my church is more fun than yours.  ;)

Sunday night, we headed to the church we attended when we first moved to Panama, Crossroads Bible Church.  It was the celebration of the completion of the entire bible in the San Blais Kuna Language.  Keith and Wilma Forester (on the L of the picture) dedicated 4 decades to the completion of this translation.  The service was an amazing reminder that a life devoted to Jesus is well lived.

I have a special place in my heart for Keith.  When we first moved to Panama, he adopted Tony and me as his children, and I never left church without feeling loved.  More than that, he made it clear to me how much Jesus loved me and that He had an eternal purpose for me.  In his own way, he was a prophet to us.  He "knew" that Tony and I were beginning a journey with Christ that was going to radically change everything we thought we knew.  Keith is very much the godfather of our faith, and I will always love him dearly.


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