Day 12. Tired.

This has been one of those weeks.

We're all tired.

We're all grumpy.

We haven't had a meal together all week.

Everyone is on edge.

It's just been a super tiring week.

We have a lot of activities- all of which we love.

We have a lot of functions- all of which we desire to attend.

And, sometimes, they just all manage to hit at the same time.

I didn't make it home before 9 once this week.  Tony didn't fare much better than I did.

But, tomorrow, our activities end at noon, and then, we will have all the rest of the weekend to be us.
I couldn't be any more excited about the possibility.

If you need us this weekend, send an email, but don't expect a response.  This is our time to recharge.

I so, so, so love my life.  I love what the Lord is doing in it.  I love how He's using me.

But, this weekend, is about enjoying just the 6 of us.  I pray you'll spend the weekend recharging, as well.


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