Day 30.

We made it!!

September is over, and we made it with 27 blog posts.  I'm pretty impressed with myself- even if Dad just sent me a message to remind me to blog.  (Technically, he just asked if I needed encouragement.)  And thank you to those who've read with me each day. (or day or 2)

So, what have I learned through this process?

Mostly, I've learned that I love writing, but that the lack of clear scope of the blog and the uncertain audience makes blogging incredibly difficult for me.

There were times during the month that I wanted to pour my soul out all over the laptop.  I wanted to go to those deep, sometimes ugly, places where my mind spends much time, but I despise drama.  Yes, my former bestie, drama, now makes me physically ill.  I can handle real and emotional, but I can't stand all the syrup-y nonsense that is taking over blogs and social media.

So, how do I pour out my soul without dripping in drama on a blog that doesn't have clear parameters with an unknown audience?  How do I balance the fun, this-is-the-cute-kids blogs with the deeper ones that feed and energize me?

Yes.  That's my pondering for the next few days.

All thoughts appreciated.  :)


Anonymous said…

I love all your blogs.....happy, sad, up, down, goofy, makes no difference. I know a number of my friends love reading them as well. So, write what you feel. We are reading and loving it. Rejoicing in your good times; feeling your anguish in the not-so-good-times. Simply - WE CARE.
Anonymous said…
Love you posts and stories! Never thought of it as "drama." Just makes me miss you and realize how lucky i am to know you. Think of you and England often. Laura Deitzel
Foxy Pepperjack said…
I love your blog and everything you put into it. Sometimes we need a place to pour our souls out and those who can't handle it don't have to read. I love that you are always real. The world lacks so much real that it's refreshing. :)

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