Day 6. For Dog People- of Which I'm Not.

Yes, indeedy, we still have Cosita.  Why?  Because there was no other option. Well, there was one other option.  We could have dumped her somewhere.  No way did I feel comfortable with that plan.    Overall, she's gotten better.  Some of that is maturity.  Some of that is a change of discipline strategies on our part.   Regardless, she's still a member of our family.

And, as a true member of the family, she loves mashed potatoes.  I've never had a dog before so I have no idea what's "normal," but this dog loves mashed potatoes.  She'll instantly become the sweetest, calmest, most submissive dog when she smells the potatoes boiling.  Hot dogs.  Tuna.  Fried chicken.  All those foods I assumed would make Cosita happy.  But mashed potatoes?

Is this normal?


Anonymous said…

Gotta love a dog that loves mashed potatoes!!
Anonymous said…
Growing up, my dog would eat almost any scrap except salad leftovers. I know the "experts" say you shouldn't feed them table scraps, but he loved them and was 16 yrs old when he died. I don't think they hurt him!

Personally, I can be motivated by mashed potatoes as well. Maybe Cosita and I are kindred spirits! Does she like CFA Cokes?

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