Day 10. I like my kids.

I do.

I really like my kids.  I think they're fun to hang out with.  I enjoy hearing their thoughts on life.  I love watching them get to be them and to do the things that they enjoy.  I just really like being a mom and being a mom to these people is awesome.

Today, I had the opportunity to watch Carson participate with the rest of the "Lost Sheep" band.  The "Lost Sheep" is the kids' ministry band at church.  The group got to lead two worship songs for combined chapel at CCA.  Coralynn, Carson, and I loaded into the van at 7:45 this morning, and off to church we went.

Because the teachers are sweet, they allow my kids to sit with their grades during chapel.  And, Coralynn LOVES sitting with her preK-4 "classmates."   I sat a few rows behind her (with first grade) just to make sure she behaved correctly.

When Carson and his group started singing,I began videotaping.  They did fine.  I moved back up to my seat to watch the rest of the worship time  And then, I got a glimpse of my heart.  The boy child and the baby.  And I started videotaping again...

(I encourage you to turn the sound down- at least for the first few seconds.)

If you look carefully, you can see Coralynn with her brown hair, teal Frozen t-shirt, pink leggings and pink head band looking up at Carson as he did the motions and sang. (It's much easier to find her after the 20 second mark.)  She was all in with him.  Watching the two of them reminded me not only how much I like my kids, but also how much they like each other.  Is there anything I want more for Coralynn than to have Carson be her hero?  I don't think so.


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