AKA I missed a day.

I know you all thought I was perfect.

Then, I missed a blog, and you've spent the day trying to figure out what really is truth.

Ok.  Probably not.

After our crazy busy week, we decided to go out to dinner and shopping last night.

We had a great time.  Then, we crashed in bed.

The perfect Saturday night.  

In lieu of a wordy post, I thought I'd share some pictures of what our month has looked like...

Our Friday early mornings are spent driving downtown for Carson to meet with his running coach.  Since I've mentioned that before, I thought I'd share a picture of what that looks like.  For the girls, it means hanging out on the beautiful Panamanian coast.  For Carson, it means charging up hills and working on "robot arms."  

The highlight of my month is always getting to share at CCA's elementary chapel.  I speak with the students about the people and countries that represent the persecuted church.  I feel privileged to have this opportunity.

Home schooling looks nothing like what I assume most people assume home schooling is.  Sometimes, it's sisters cuddling in bed before night night reading about the Middle Ages.  

With the official word that we're staying in Panama, we're working on some home projects.  Our favorite painter, Jose, came this past week and painted Coralynn and Carson's room.  The first gallon of "gusto gold" was the exact color we wanted- a vibrant orange.  The second gallon was, well, it was not.  The lid seen above was the third attempt at "gusto gold."  Eventually, Tony and the paint store employees figured out a color close enough, and Jose was able to finish the project.  


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