Day 16. What else can you do?

I never eat breakfast.

There I admitted it.  I don't like eating breakfast.  My stomach takes longer to wake up than I do (and I take a while), so by the time I'm hungry, it's lunchtime.  And, beyond that, I just don't like the hassle of eating breakfast.  Or lunch.  It's not uncommon for me to wait until 2 or 3 to have my first meal of the day.    I know that's bad, but that's the way I normally roll.

I have been trying to improve, though.  I've been adding more exercise and more strenuous exercise, and I am acutely aware that not eating equals bad performance which equals getting yelled at by Jimmy.  (another post for another day)

This morning Carson and I went for a run, and when we got home, I decided to be a grown up and eat breakfast.  And because I was wanting grown up extra credit points, I decided to make myself oatmeal.  You know- instead of a kiddo selection like Rice Krispies.  Feeling quite proud of myself, I added my oatmeal and water to my bowl and stuck it in the microwave.  I hit the cook button and walked away.

I went back and opened the microwave.  The oatmeal had bubbled over.  Yuck.  I hate how oatmeal (and grits) becomes cement if you don't clean it up immediately.  So, I grabbed the bowl out, and I immediately took out the glass plate from the microwave.

And, that's when I saw it.

The oatmeal was smiling at me!  If I were so inclined, I could totally start a diatribe about how the Lord loves us for our attempts at holiness, not just our successes.  Or, I could talk about realizing that we aren't ever going to be perfect, and that's ok.  Or, we could go into a conversation about finding the silver lining in our cloud moments.  But, we're not going to go there.

We're sticking with "My oatmeal smiled at me!"


Anonymous said…

What's not to love about smiling oatmeal?? Hope it made your day.

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