Day 11. Brag Session #2. And an announcement.

Yesterday, during the midst of jacked-up Wednesday, Tony called.   He called during the 11-minute window I have between dropping off Coralynn at home and taking Camilla to dance.  I was away from the phone (that's polite speak for using the bathroom), and I heard the kids answer the phone.  Eventually, Camilla got off the phone and gave it to me.


Dead silence.


I can hear that the phone is connected.  This is Tony's I'm-getting-ready-to-tell-you-exciting-news pause.  (As an aside: Tony does this pause before winning at card games, too. Drives.Me.CRAZY.)

"Hey, Lis."

Why can't he just get to the point?  I'm wanting to yell "WHAT'S THE NEWS?" but that wouldn't be fair.


"Lis, I got the promotion"

Said with Tony's normal super-chill level of excitement.


"I think you had a better reaction than I did."

So pleased that my husband's hard work has been recognized.  Working in the corporate world is truly his calling in life, and I love watching him succeed.

With that promotion comes our announcement.  

(I'm not pregnant.)

As part of the promotion, Tony will continue working in Panama for the next 2-3 years, at least.  It's crazy for me to realize that in December of this year, we'll have lived in Panama longer than we lived in Georgia.  And, if everything goes as planned, we will also live in Panama longer than we lived in Illinois (as a married couple).

So, there you have it.  Hot off the presses!  


Julie said…
Anonymous said…
So I'd have a place to crash once I get my passport & plane tixs? Well done Tony!!
Lesa said…
Congratulations to each of you, and continued fun with your adventure!

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