Spring Break- Part 4

About a year ago, Tony, the kids, and I were driving around the city trying to get familiar with our new home.  Of course, we got lost, and the kids got hungry.  We came up to a restaurant that Tony thought he had heard about from a coworker.  After a bit of a pep talk conversation, we decided to attempt going to a new restaurant by ourselves without the aide of native speakers or other expats.  A first.

We had a wonderful lunch, and we left feeling quite proud of ourselves.  Those victories early on in this journey, I believe, helped set us on the positive path we've followed.  It has become a tradition, of sorts, to head to that same restaurant, Parillada Jimmy, the night before company leaves.  So, Tuesday night, we all loaded up and headed out.  It was, as always, a wonderful experience.

(I'm beyond frustrated that Bits was smiling too cute, and she has a straw in the middle of her face.  Ugh.)

(Apparently, Carson managed to get in both pictures, and Grandma didn't make it into either.)


lizbeth321 said…
Bits is looking more like Chloe and Camilla totally looks like Tony in the picture!

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