Just a few little health updates...

Our journey to healthy eating took a bit of a detour.

I made my first ever completely from scratch pie.  My mother-in-law has always made her own pie crusts, but I've taken the help from the red box in the refriderated section of the grocery store.  Well, that little red box is pricey here so I decided to make my own pie crust.  Originally, the pie crust was to be the bottom of a quiche, but I lost my patience in the dough-making process, and just threw (quite literally, Tony told me to calm down) the 3 crusts in the freezer.  Then, about four weeks later, the girls and I decided we needed strawberry pie.  We gave it a go with my crusts.  It turned out ugly, but yummy!  That's a success in my book!

All has not been lost in the health journey, and much to my surprise, my weight continues to drop. 

I'm at 146 which puts me 8.5 pounds down in 10 weeks. Those certainly aren't The Biggest Loser numbers, but I am pleased.  I'm eating around 1500 calories on average, and that leaves me pleasantly satisfied.  I don't anticipate much more weight loss as I seem to comfortably settle in the mid 140s.  My adult low is 132, but no one wants to see a return to that.

We are trying to keep the caloric intake to whole and real foods, and the biggest shock of this whole journey, thus far, is the kids new found love for Chocolate Almond Milk.  My kids, with the exception of Coralynn, refuse to drink milk.  REFUSE it.  The milk here has that grass-fed funk to it, and it does take a lot of getting used to.  I still haven't gotten used to it, so it's a good thing we can't afford (and no longer eat) Oreos!

Because of a few of Coralynn's health concerns, I made the decision to take her off of milk.  The kids and I were standing in the non-dairy milk aisle trying to figure out what Bits might like.  Carson and Camilla saw the chocolate almond milk, and KNEW that Coralynn would love it.  And, "Mom, can we have some, too?"  So, I bought it completely expecting them to hate it.  The 4 kids drank the 1/2 gallon in a day.  I'm slowly trying to work them back off the chocolate, and drink the plain almond milk, but I am THRILLED that they are finally drinking "milk."


proudmama said…
We love almond milk!! It is a go to in this house! SO glad the kids are enjoying it and congrats on your weight loss journey. tell me what you are doing. I have been eating 1200 or so calories a day and seem to not be loosing the weight!! Hope you guys are doing well! Hugs!

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