Out of love.

Easter got me thinking.  (It's a ponder-y kind of day, isn't it?) 

For years, too many years, I've heard people preach about the amazing act of obedience that is the crucifixion.

And it is.

But, if that is the only way you see it, you're missing so much.

You're missing the heart of God. 

You're missing the love.

And if you don't see the love of God, you are missing too much.

Michael Card is my favorite songwriter.  And my favorite author. 

He's one of those people whose words reach to the depths of my soul. 

I'd like nothing more than to spend an afternoon sipping lemonade and talking to him. 

That will likely have to wait until eternity... 

But, for today, his song lyrics ring in my mind and heart:

"And why did they nail His feet and hands?
His love would have held Him there."

"He loves us with passion, without regret
He cannot love more and will not love less."

God LOVES you (and me!). 

The Creator of the universe, motivated by love, came after fallen man.  He wants relationship that badly. 

When Satan and the angels fell, He didn't go after them.

But, He came after us.

He loves us.

Let that sink deep inside you.

Let it go past your theological knowledge into your soul.

Jesus loves you.

Ignore the song every 2 year-old learns.  This is more than that.

Jesus loves you. 

And the Bible says that believers are the Bride of Christ.

He loves you as a groom preparing to marry his bride. 

I remember my wedding day.  I knew Tony loved me.  And, you know what? 

Tony isn't perfect.  And he loved me.

How much more must the sinless Savior love me?

This isn't roses-and-chocolates love.

This is die-on-a-cross love!

And it's raise-in-three-days victory!

My challenge to me, and to you, is to do it out of love.

Whatever your "it" is, do it because of love. 

Not out of the love you have for the recipient,

but out of the love Christ has poured into you.

What did I do out of love today?

I turned books around on a stand.

Tony likes the books spines out, and our maid turns them the other way when she dusts.

So, I turned them around.



So little, right?  So unimportant?

Don't be so quick to dismiss the day-to-day.

Acts of love matter.  All of them.

As Christ was hanging on the cross, He looked at John (ch19).  He told John that he would now take care of Mary.  That John would become Mary's son, and Mary would become John's mother.

Even in the midst of the biggest spiritual moment to date, Jesus was taking care of His earthly business.

He was taking care of His momma.

Yes, turning the books around didn't take 5 minutes.

Yes, it has no inherent eternal value.

But it was out of love.

And that's the heart of God.


Lesa said…
I've got a load of things I'm doing out of love lately. It doesn't cost me a thing other than my patience and stamina to see it through for someone else's sake, and not my own. Thanks for the reminder! Now I'm off to complete a few of my own 'out of love' things this afternoon.

Dawn (Aurora) said…
Thank you for this, Lisa! I'm actually going to print this out & share it with my family. We all need to do a little more loving-through-action.

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