Soccer Season Has Begun!

This afternoon was the first game of the Sub10 soccer season.  The kids have been practicing for weeks, and I've been the assistant coach.  (Though, in all fairness, my attendance has been lacking.)  CCA lost, but I was pleased with how hard they fought.

Looking handsome in his uniform.

Carson and some of his teammates.

Warming up before the game.  (And waiting 45 minutes for the referee to show up.)

Carson, Number 4.

Live action.  You'll notice it sounds a little different in Panama.  :)

The kids all seemed rather hesitant during the first half, but Coach Steven's halftime pep talk seemed to rally their confidence.  Carson played defense most of the game, and I was super pleased with his performance.   Actually the entire team played defense most of the game, but we only lost 3-0 which is a testament to our amazing goalie who must have blocked 100 shots on goal.)

(Here is one of our goalie's stops.  This time on a free kick.)

Toward the end of the game, Carson took the ball down field. And, since I'm that parent, I yelled and cried the whole time. The ball was eventually stolen, but he had an amazing few moments. Unfortunately, as he was going back after the ball, he fell, reinjuring his knee injury of a month ago.

The injury.

Assistant Coach Momma and her Little Man.
I couldn't be any prouder of him.


sarah atchison said…
funny, this game doesn't sound any different in panama than it does here in el paso!

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