I guess there will be a Funsy Friday.

Kids were each deeping cleaning their rooms.

I was menu planning and writing my grocery list.

Coralynn was watching the Wiggles.

Or, she was supposed to be.

She came out to the desk to see me. 

She was quite proud of herself.

I followed her back to the bathroom.

And that's when I saw it.  When I realized.

She was covered in vasoline.  The entire jar of vasoline.

I put her in the tub and told Carson to watch her while I finished what I was working on.

I had no idea just had waterproof Vasoline is.  When I came back in about 40 minutes later, she was a greasy as when we started.  Her hair isn't wet. 
It's covered in Vasoline.

I did a little social networking.  After people got done laughing, they suggested a Dawn-vinegar cocktail.  (And they should laugh.  This happened yesterday, too!)

20 minutes of a Dawn-y vinegar scrub, and Coralynn is the smoothest, cleanest Bits ever.


lizbeth321 said…
Hug the slippery Bits for me! :)

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