Coralynn Update and More

Last night, we went to the ENT with Coralynn.  Last week, she failed her hearing test terribly.  We walked in suspecting that surgery would be recommended.  We walked out with the surgery scheduled for next week, and lab orders for bloodwork.

This morning, Tony, Coralynn and I headed to the hospital for the labwork.  She did super well, and, fortunately, Tony is on vacation this week so we could enjoy the rest of the beautiful morning without him having to go to work. 

Looking into Panama City

The Cinta Costera- not at rush hour

Coralynn running down the ramp.

Catching Up with Daddy.

The Sea Wall.

Mommy and Bitty.

Watching the Birds Fish.

Coralynn trying to stay on the line.
(maybe after tubes?)

Beautiful Panama City and the Pacfic Ocean.


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