Camp Daddy.

As I mentioned previously, Tony took had a week of vacation last week.  When we were homeschooling, these weeks provided the time for our family beach vacations.  Now that we are tied to the school's calendar, Tony spent his week off participating in our everyday activities.  Every Thursday, I attend Bible study, and Coralynn normally goes to a sitter.  This week, she got to stay home and have a morning at Camp Daddy!

Daddy decided Coralynn needed a ponytail.
Coralynn decided she needed to wear Camilla's flip flops.

Enjoying her morning beverage on the "playground."

Fun times with Daddy!

Working on her "computer."  Makes me wonder if Daddy was on his computer, too!

Bits heading out to do her errands with her sunglasses on and her "purse" on her arm.

Time to go!

Coralynn loves nothing more than curling up and reading books.  It was a special treat to be able to curl up with Daddy on a Thursday morning!


Anonymous said…
Is that a "purse" or a deflated "sit on bouncy ball"? Either way, looks like she enjoyed her time with Daddy.
Anonymous said…
Looks like she shares her momma's purse style--big, bold, and beautiful! Love it!

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