Spring Break- On a Budget

Who says that Spring Break has to cost a fortune?

 One ride for four on the weird tree/squirrel ride- $0.50. Mom and I splurged, and let them ride twice. $1 for 3 minutes of total glee.

Can you see Chloe's expression in this picture?  It was worth well more than $.50 to see Chloe stop being a tween and just be a kid!

Love Coralynn's face in this picture!  She couldn't care any less that she's not at Disney World.  She's loving it!

(And, just for the record, the hair thing Chloe is wearing goes with a size 9-month dress.  She's working it, though!)

(You may want to take a dramamine before you watch the video.
And I promise Coralynn didn't say, "no," the whole time!)


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