Date Night!

Do you know what this is?
It's a list of instructions.
For the babysitter.

 Do you know what this is?
It's the clothes I'm packing. 
For my overnight getaway.
With my husband.

I was able to find a sitter willing to spend the night with the four kids so Tony and I could get a night away from our life.  We headed downtown to our favorite hotel, Hotel Riu, and checked in Friday night.
Our Beautiful Room.

I love this huge picture over the bed.  When we moved to Panama, our family stayed in this hotel for a few nights while we waited for our apartment.  During that stay, we were in the purple rooms.  We've also stayed in the green rooms.  This was our first time in the orange rooms.  (The kids were super jealous!)

 After we got situated in our room, we changed clothes and headed to Tastes restaurant for dinner.

Posing with the bread basket.

 No greater blessing as a mommy than being able to enjoy a meal without cutting anyone's food or worrying about how long the food is going to take and whether the baby can make it that long!

This was our appetizer, Potato and Lamb Stew. 
(It came with three pieces, but I ate one before I remembered to take a picture.)

I ordered salmon with quinoa for dinner.
Tony ordered the same thing. 

(That drives me crazy!  Why can't he order something different?  It's no fun if we order the same thing.  He's been doing this for years.  I really should let him order first.  Am I the only person this bothers??)

After dinner, we went out to the pool to enjoy quiet.

Just being together.

The Riu has the BEST continental breakfast I've ever experienced.  And I consider myself a continental breakfast guru.  And, hands down, nothing compares to this one.  14 tables of amazing food.  The Riu breakfast is legendary in our house.  I imagine, someday, I'll sit with my grandchildren and tell them about this breakfast we had many years ago...

Clearly, Tony was getting tired of our photo documentation, but he was a good sport.

We got home about noon, and we're thrilled to hear that the kids did great while we were gone.  I always ask sitters if they are willing to come back.  (I like to get that out on the table.)  This one said, "Please do have me back!"  The kids agreed that Miss Trinity was a definite for future sitting assignments.  Sounds perfect! 

Wonder what she's doing next weekend???  ;)


lizbeth321 said…
I'm super jealous too! ;) If you find out the hotel has a blue room, we might have to come down!!
Anonymous said…
Sounds wonderful!
Nancy said…
What a great getaway!! Please send Miss Trinity here!!

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