Spring Break Part 1

The orginial plan was to go to my favorite consignment store, Promises, on Friday with my Mom and the Bits.  Instead, I spent Friday trying to overcome a migraine.  Saturday, Tony was very sweet to take Carson and Bits to PriceSmart so the big girls could all go shopping.  Chloe is tall enough that she can wear some of the size 0s.  This dress was one of her purchases.  Our seamstress will need to take it in, but she was still super proud of being able to buy dresses at the "lady's" store.

Saturday, after shopping, lunch, and yogen fruz, we all came home to watch NCAA basketball.  Both of our teams lost, but the little girls enjoyed cuddling on the couch.

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to church.  Chloe wore another of her new dresses, and I wore one of the new skirts I found at Promises.  (I love that store.)  As well as being Palm Sunday, it was a baptismal service so we got to see 2 of Carson's friends be baptized.  Nothing better!

After church, it was swimming pool and Club cafe for lunch!

Carson had a birthday party to attend on Sunday afternoon, so the girls spent the afternoon playing Disney Dance Revolution on the Wii.  Even Coralynn got into the action after her nap!


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