Spring Break- Part 2

We decided that we needed one more day in the pool with Grandma before she left.  Tuesday, we managed to hit PriceSmart, el Rey, and get down to the pool before the strong afternoon rains!

Coralynn believes that she's big enough to be in the pool by herself.  Fortunately, we convinced her that she should, at least, hold onto a floatie.

Going to see Carson.

A sweet chat between sisters.

It started raining as soon as we got to the pool, but it was just a little sprinkle so we decided to carry on with our fun.

Camilla is ALMOST brave enough to try swimming without the floaties.  Almost.

The kids have been taking swim lessons as part of their PE class.  Carson was showing off some of his new moves.

Just because he's so handsome.

Is there anything better than relaxing in the pool with your floatie and your Chloe?

4 kids.  1 pic.  Priceless.

The Floatie Girls.

Coralynn playing in the rain.

Bits decided it was time to head to the playground.

Carson cannonballing off the "circle pool."

Camilla jumping off!

Sweet Coralynn Mae.

Floatie freedom- jumping into the circle pool!

Finally, Bits got away from all her "helpers."

Grandma chatting with Bits about why she must stay with her helpers!

Pre-jump poses!

Here we go...


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