God just issued a throwdown.

Not even a full day into 2012, and God's offered a challenge.  Decrease.  That's my word.  Someone contacted me (in one of the 12 ways possible, lol!), and I'm already regretting "decrease."  I'm thinking my word should have been self-absorbed.  That would be easier!  Or maybe it should have been 2012- have a phrase?  Then I could have gone with, "I don't wanna so I'm not gonna."  What do you think?  Can we do a selfish restart?  A New Year's Mulligan?  Ugg.  Here we go...

Lord, help grow me into the person You would have me be.  And give me Your strength to become that person.  And, if it's not too much, please send your Heavenly Duct Tape because I'm afraid I'm going to say something I shouldn't.  I do want this, Lord.  I want You to be glorified through me.  I just need Your help!!  Thanks, Lisa

Happy 2012 Y'all!!


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