A few little updates...

Princess Bits under her umbrella.

The beautiful Pacific coast.

Surfer Girl.

The Crew preparing to Surf.

We got back from the beach later than I expected last night (yay for a wonderful time), so all we managed to do was make dinner, get showers, and collapse into bed.

Instead of doing a our weekly sorting sessions, we decided to catch up on one of our other goals for the year.  We committed, as a family, to pray for every nation this year.  We were a few days behind so Tony and Chloe took some of the countries, and the little kids and I did a few.  We've now prayed for 29 countries.  It's been really neat to watch the kids' interest in other nations grow while also learning to pray beyond themselves and their own needs.  We'd love for you to join us in this goal.  Check out Operation World for more information!

As for the coconut oil saga, I finished the next step.  It required me to cut, blend, and puree the coconut.  Then, I poured it into a sealed container to ferment until Tuesday afternoon.  I'm going to be really honest, people.  Buy coconut oil if you want it.  I'm quickly losing my patience with this little project.  If I had a coconut chopper or an actual blender, I might feel better about the whole thing.  I'll update on Tuesday with more of the story.

Chopped Coconut.

Add to the Blender.


Squeeze out all the Milk.

Leave to Ferment for 48 hours.


Anonymous said…
YAY for the surfer girl!!!! I am so stoked for her! Too much fun....I missed all the good summer surfing since I moved to the mountain. Good for her!!

Heather G
panaMOM said…
Heather- You should swing down to Panama to help us out! We're definitely not surfing naturals- although Carson got up the first try. Is anyone surprised?
Anonymous said…
We wanted to know if y'all were getting lessons, or did you buy/rent a board, and how did all that work? Shawn borrowed a guy's board one year in Gulf Shores, but let me tell you, that area isn't exactly known for surfing!
panaMOM said…
Tony and Lance rented the board. Of course, Carson got up on the first try (I'm changing that child's middle name to "of course he did.")

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