Saturday's Sort Report!!

Tony was concerned that we didn't have enough stuff to sort to be able to fill 30 minutes 3 times a week as part of the 30-minute give.  I think this week proved to both of us that I could be busy for several months on this plan.

Here are the results:

Monday morning I set the timer for 30 minutes and told the girls to attack their closet.  Chloe, who has very little clothing, had no problem getting through all of her things.  She then helped Camilla.  The two girls were unable to get through all of Camilla's wardrobe.  This is the pile they were able to create in 30 minutes with no help from me!  (and only 4 pieces were removed as ineligible for purging!)

Wednesday afternoon, the three oldest kids and I attacked the game closet.  I wanted it all done in one sitting so it did take us more than 30 minutes. (I'm counting this one event as 2 "gives.")  The kids did a great job and have happily played with the toys that are left.  Toys that they never played with when we had so much stuff!

These are bags of clothing that I sorted right before Christmas.  I'm including them because I want to have a picture of just how much stuff is leaving the apartment!

This is the pile that made me pause.  These are the "boutique clothes" that I came across during the purge.  Some of them will return to storage for Camilla and Coralynn to wear.  With the exception of the green plaid shorts on the bottom left and the blue/green pants on the bottom right, none of these clothes were worn more than 5 times.  Some, no more than once.  The retail value of these pieces now sickens me. 

The grand haul for the week = 88.5 pounds
(not counting the pink bags)


togetherforgood said…
Way to go! I did a purge last year and weighed everything on its way out the door-- we got up to about 1,000 pounds before the basement defeated me. Probably I need to do it again. :/
Nancy said…
Great Job!! I really need to be following your example. I know that we could purge for months on end and still have too much.
Anonymous said…
I am impressed! Isn't it funny how kids find "new" toys hidden from view? And how these same kids can be thrilled with an empty wrapping paper tube? Sometimes I forget what being a kids is all about! (Now where is that tube?)
lizbeth321 said…
So excited!! Love, love, love it!

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