Praises from Panama!

~In spite of everyone else in the family getting the stomach bug, I did not get sick!

~Tony felt well enough by Friday to enjoy his vacation day!

~Chloe seems to be doing really well with the social aspects of school.  She struggled with this for most of the first semester, so I'm pleased that things are definitely improving!

~Skype!  I love skype!  (I'm still have serious internet issues from 12-6 everyday, so pray that those issues will be resolved soon!)

~Coralynn is trying to talk more.  Yesterday, she clearly said, "Lilla," for Camilla. She is still not talking as much as we would like, but there is some progress.

~Camilla's K-5 teacher resigned so she started this semester with a new teacher.  I'm quite pleased with the new teacher, and I think she's going to be very good for Camilla!

~The girls are friends with sisters, and the sisters' family has moved into our apartment complex.  The girls are so excited to have friends living so close!


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