Sort Report!

Between the stomach virus and the aircast, the sort took a little different flare this week.

We decided instead of pulling more stuff out, we needed to get rid of the stuff we had.

Tony and I took a few hours on Friday morning and organized all the excess into three piles:  Keep for the next child, trash, donate.

Next, I called a friend who works with Curundu (an impoverished area in the city) and asked if she would be interested.  She said, "yes!"  We happily loaded up the stuff and brought it to her!

Heading to Mrs. Shirley's to drop off the donations!

There were a few extra items that hadn't been previously weighed or that were new to the sort.

This week's total:  50 pounds

Cumulative total:  133.5 pounds 


Awesome! Way to go. I've been bagging things up too. Nice to get rid if things you don't need for someone who does need them.
Anonymous said…
I love the two girls sitting on the bin. Pretty cute.

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