The 30-minute give.

Just 30 minutes ago (before I started typing this post on Friday night), I posted on facebook that I was looking for something to organize. 


There's that word again. 

I decided to purge through my closet.

In thirty minutes, I was able to go through my closet.  And my purse collection.  And take pictures.  And text Tony.  And upload pictures.  And get more ice tea/lemonade.  And check facebook.  And check my email.  And turn on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on FoodNetwork.

Although that isn't gobs of clothing, it is a fair amount.  Especially since I purge my closet with some regularity.  And it only took about 15 minutes.

Earlier in the week, Carson was getting very frustrated putting his clothes away because he didn't have enough room.  We decided to go through his closets and drawers.  Coralynn's things ended up getting a purge, too, because they share space.  Again, it took less than 30 minutes.

We ended up with another healthy pile of stuff in just about 25 minutes.

I love looking at pictures of all the stuff people buy at the grocery store and all the money they save.  It's a lot of fun, and I miss it, but the opportunities here for that are minimal.

So, I started thinking.  (Cue my father saying, "did it hurt?")

This year is about giving for Tony and me.  (Stay tuned to Money Monday for more info on that). 


I've decided on a challenge for myself.  I'm going to decrease my material life, too.  And I need you to help keep me accountable.  I want to post a picture every Saturday of the purging we've done the week previously.  And I hope to spend 30 minutes 3 times a week purging our stuff.  (If anyone local has any ideas where to donate it all, please let me know!)

I need you to hold me to it. 

Then, Lord willing, at the end of the year, I'll have a post about not how much I saved, but how much I gave! 

Deal?  Perfecto!


Foxy said…
I LOVE this!!!!! I have been needing to purge stuff too! I like your idea to do it in short spurts. I am a sentimental person so if I linger too long the mission is lost and everything stays. I did, however, purge a bunch of dog toys the other day so that's a start! Good luck on your mission!!
Nancy said…
Love this!! I need to get on a regular purging schedule. I definately need to be setting a better example for my kids to follow and show them (instead of just telling them) that life isn't about stuff.

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