Funsy Friday!

5 Fun Facts About Me (just so you know what you're dealing with):

1.  I hate bare feet. 

And people touching bare feet, or talking about touching bare feet, makes me sick to my stomach.  I sprained my ankle on Sunday, and normally, the huge bruise and swelling would be blog worthy, but there is no way a picture of a foot is going up!

Now I love some socky feet!

2.  I cry when I watch Track and Field. 

Live.  Or on television.  I cry. Sob like a baby.  The Summer Olympics just about do me in. I have no explanation for this. 

3.  I love my SpinBrush.

Love it.  I hate to floss, but the SpinBrush makes me feel like I'm doing ok without flossing.  (Don't burst my bubble, people.)  I love the fresh mouth feeling after using the SpinBrush.  I had my Mom bring one for Tony and Chloe in December because I love mine so much.  I would totally be the "Offical Blog of the SpinBrush"!  Any of you work for Arm and Hammer?  Contact me!


4.  I can't fall asleep if I'm not holding onto something.

Over the years, I've held onto umbrellas and kleenex boxes to help me sleep while travelling.  I can't not hold on to something and fall asleep.  For the past 12 years, I've held onto the same thing while sleeping.  Tony?  No.  He moves too much.   My faithful companion...

Maney Miami!

5.  I have specific guidelines for beverage consumption containers.

Milk- has to be out of a glass glass.  Water- must have a straw.  Soda- must have ice and be in a clear glass with a straw.  Water for taking medicine- small plastic cup.  Juice- small glass glass.  What?  Like everyone doesn't do that.  Besides, that's why they are called "juice glass" and "water glass."


Jen said…
My mother in law recently got me a spin brush and I LOVE it! I am not much of a flosser, except when I am getting ready to go see the dentist. :) I am amazed at how good my teeth feel after using the spin brush.
panaMOM said…
1- Thanks for admitting that you aren't a flosser either. (I only do it when I'm cramming for my dental exam) ;)

2- Isn't it amazing? LOVE that SpinBrush!

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