Money Monday!!

I am so excited.  Seriously excited.  Jumping up and down excited!  Why?  Because I did it.  I did the seemingly impossible.  Well, the seemingly impossible for me!

I made it an ENTIRE month without a single non-necessary non-food purchase.  Coralynn lost one of her flip-flops so I bought her a replacement pair.   And she needed a pair of sandals.  And that $5.35 was all I spent.   Woohoo!  Sweet victory for the budget.

And here's the coolest thing.  Not spending money feels awesome.  I'm well versed in the adrenaline feeling from shopping, but I had no idea how awesome the non-spending hormones feel.  (Remember:  I've always been thrifty.)  And it gets better.  Not shopping makes me want to not shop some more.  And everyone can afford NOT shopping!

This month we had 2 doctor's appointments, an ER trip, and car work done, but we're still under budget.  *clap clap*  We said "no" to all kinds of little things that we didn't need.  We even said "no" to lots of dining because I didn't want to have to find it in the budget.  This means that we not only saved money, but we also ate healthier.   Another victory!

I'm so excited I want to go celebrate!  Think I'll celebrate with not spending money!


Nancy said…
Good Month!! That not spending thing really is a good way to get out of the spending habit! I have also found lately that when I'm not shopping I can find an excuse not to go shopping easier than I can find an excuse to go.
joy at home said…
I might have to try your non-necessary non-food challenge ... maybe I'll start with a week, baby steps!
lizbeth321 said…
Not shopping is always more fun than shopping, in my book!
Jen said…
I just started reading a book called "7" by Jen Hatmaker. I think you would love it. I've barely started it and I already want to make a lot of changes in our lives.

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