2012 Goals- Funsy Friday Version!

My list of goals that you likely won't find on many other people's lists:

~I will not bankrupt my family through consignment store purchases! (Promises- what a happy place!)

~I will not ride the 4th-grade-girl-drama roller coaster!

~I will not live in fear of getting stuck in traffic!

~I will not purchase PriceSmart's fried chicken combo more than once a month!  (even though I love it!)

~I will not be too old and tired to properly parent the Bits! (I am old, and she is so cute!)

~I will not, while eating chocolate peanut butter popcorn, complain about the state of my love handles!

~I will figure out how to set up a PO box or something similiar in Panama so I can receive mail!

~I will make a real attempt at learning the language!  (and I will not pout- for very long- when Tony learns faster than I do!)

~I will agree to go back to the beach even though the last trip almost did us in!

How about you?  Do you have any "only at my house" goals for the new year?


Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let you in on something ... the girl drama never ends it just becomes 5th grade, 6th and so on :)... welcome to the drama queen years!!!

Aunt C
Anonymous said…
I will try to widen my focus so I can do more than one thing at a time (ie. worry!!)
I will try to put Bob as close to #1 in my priorities as is physically possible while taking care of the "parental Units".
I will try to live by the "FROG" philosophy: forever rely on God.
Foxy said…
- To get a clue
- To get healthy
- To read the bible from beginning to end
- To be a better sister, daughter, and friend
- To purge stuff
- To eat breakfast
- To fill a jar with the things I am thankful for everyday or the things that make me happy and at the end of the year I can "count my blessings"
- To trust God

I'm sure there will be more...I keep thinking of new ones every day!!
Nancy said…
Can I steal your first 2? I definately need to come up with some only at my house goals for the year.

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