Weight Update!

It's Saturday night (Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!), and we just returned from Family Fun Night.  I had purchased a coupon for Yogen Fruz so we headed to the mall for an early dinner and frozen yogurt.  And I was nervous.  It's been a tough dietary week with late dinners and too much emotion.  We got to the mall, and I made a decision.  I'm not going to be one of those people who can't partake in her family's fun because she's "on a diet."  

We ordered two meals to split between the 6 of us.  And got two yogurts and two icees.  Family Fun Night, including ride on the Carousel, was under $30.  I have no idea, however, if it was under my 1200 calories.  I do know it was yummy and fun!

Trying to Share

Eating it Alone

Sharing Nicely

Carousel Ride
(And she is not chunky at all- not sure what's up with this photo)

Good to the Last Drop!

Because I did decide to splurge at the mall, I also decided I needed to work out this evening.  Again, I didn't want to miss out on Family Fun Night so I came up with a plan: Turn my workout into a competition.  I challenged Chloe to a Wii Disney Dance Revolution Dance Off.  90 minutes later, we'd both worked up a sweat, and I retained my crown as Dance Master.

Well, in just 10 hours, I'll weigh in again, and we'll all see how successful my week was.  What I already know is that a night of carefree fun with my family was well worth whatever the scale says!

Here we are.  Sunday morning.  And the scale says...

151.  No change.  3.5 pounds down in 3 weeks.

Obviously, that's not the number I was hoping for, but at least there was no gain.  I'm confident that I'll be down next week, and I'm still on track for more than a pound a week.  And I think that's pretty good!


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