17 years ago

Tony and I met 17 years ago.  We had our first date 11 days later.  17. YEARS. ago.

I've done the math a couple of times.  February 2, 1995, was 17 years ago.  And since I'm 33 that means Tony and I have been together for more time than half my life.  17 years. 

From Tony's 16th birthday, Oct 22, 1995
(A big day because he could finally drive!)

I don't feel that old.  Am I that old?

To make matters worse, my eldest daughter came home from school yesterday talking about library time.  I asked what she was reading, and she said that everyone was talking so she couldn't concentrate on her book.  "What were they talking about," I naively asked.

"About who likes who in 4th grade," she replied.

I giggled to myself.

"Does anyone like you, Chloe?"

"Yes, [insert name of boy] does, but he also 1/2 likes Kirsten."

I'm kind of at a loss for the appropriate response to these comments.  I definitely want to have a relationship where we talk about this stuff.  I want to make sure she's dealing with her feelings in an appropriate manner.  I'm also stinkin' nosey.  BUT, I don't want her to believe that she needs to like boys or be a couple or anything else that's completely inappropriate for her before she turns 21.

"How do you feel about [boy], Chloe?  Is he husband material?"

"Mom!  Husband?  I just wanted to read my library book!"

Chuckling, "Well, what did you say while they were all talking about it?"

"I walked over there and said that 'we're not in high school so we have plenty of time to worry about this stuff then.  Now read 4th-grade stuff!'"

Sounds reasonable.

17 years I've been with the love of my life.  And now we have an almost 10-year old who is talking about boys.  In 6 years, Chloe will be the age I was when I met Tony. 

I know I'm not this old.


Sara said…
I can completely understand that!! LOL Go Chloe! She has her head on straight. Reading is much more fun anyway. :)
panaMOM said…
Chloe is definitely the most mature member of the family. LOL!
Nancy said…
I can totally relate!! In 10 days I'll have a 10 year and I got engaged (with a ring) to her daddy 5 months after meeting him when he was only 16 years old! That was half our lives ago but now she is 6 years away from it. Yikes!! I'm not that old either!
panaMOM said…
LOL- Sometimes I tease that I need credit for time served. :)

We were talking last night that had we known then what we know now, we would have gotten married at least a year before we did.
Anonymous said…
You two are so cute!

I'm at the same place. Valentine's Day will be 16 years since we were engaged. We've been together over half of my lifetime! I also have a daughter approaching 10. I'm not this old. I am not this old.....

Rachel S.
panaMOM said…
Rachel- I'm pretty sure repeating it makes you younger!!

I'm am not this old. I am not this old. LOL!

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