~After a few lonely weeks, the Lord sweetly allowed me to have some fun times with other ladies.  I was able to have a family over for dinner on Monday, lunch with another lady on Tuesday, a mom came over to chat on Tuesday, and we've got a playdate planned for next Wednesday!! 

~I get to hold twin baby girls tonight!!  (and my amazing friend delivered- naturally- twin baby girls who each weighed more than Coralynn did at birth.  Clare is a rock star!)

~All the kids continue to do well at school.  I can't begin to describe how thankful I am that they each have friends!!

~In Bible study, we're reading through the books of the New Testament.  This week's assignment was Mark.  Perhaps my favorite passage in the Bible is in Mark.  (And yes, I know that every week I have a  new favorite passage.  There's some good stuff in there!)  A father is coming to Jesus for healing for his child.  He asks Jesus "if" you can do something, please do it.  And Jesus tells him, "Everything is possible for one who believers."  The father immediately comes back with what might be my favorite line in all the Scriptures.  "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!"  (Mark 9) And Jesus heals the child.  I'm so thankful that by faith I am healed of my wounds, and that Jesus loves me in spite of my times of unbelief.

~I ate breakfast this morning!  I've been saying for years that I'm going to start eating breakfast.  Today, I did.

~I am so thankful for the blessing that internet service is.  It's certainly my lifeline to the States, and our service has been having serious problems.  So relieved it's back!

~Coralynn Mae is thriving.  She's finally consistently eating well.  She's beginning to talk more.  Monday afternoon she told the workmen, "Gracias!" when they left!  She has such a happy and FUN personality!  I'm so thankful for the Bits.  (Who is now entirely too big to be the "Bits," but she'll always be the Bits to us!)


lizbeth321 said…
I started consistently eating breakfast 8 years ago. It's a wonderful thing!

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