Money Monday!

I failed.  I'd determined at the beginning of the year to not buy anything we didn't need- with the full knowledge that 'needs' is a relative term.  This week I bought school shoes for the Middles and a new backpack for Chloe.  I consider those needs.  But, I bought a definite not need.  And I knew I was doing it when I bought it.

Isn't he cute!  We went to the grocery store Friday after Valentine's Day, and, for the first time ever, Coralynn didn't scream in the cart the whole time.  So, she got a clearance-priced reward. $2.00 for the bear down from $7.  A bargain.  And it was so worth the $2 to see the happy Bits.

(I know the picture is fuzzy, but the face is still priceless!)

Lovin' her bear!

How did your week go?  Are you on track?  Did you decide on a splurge (unnecessary purchase)?


Nancy said…
If you don't quit targeting me with your Money Monday posts! We needed a new humidifier and instead of the $20 model that worked fine and fit our needs I bought the cute $40 frog humidifier. It was a splurge and I'm still justifying it and if I didn't have to drive an hour to take it back I probably would.
lizbeth321 said…
Cauliflower and Asparagus! BUt our roasted veggies were sooo good!

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