Sort Report!

This week, I decided it was time to do a decluttering of the surfaces in our house.  Am I the only person who seems to be growing paper piles?  And we don't even get mail!

Monday, I was able to clear off the piano and the kitchen drop zone.  I also tackled the drawers in the bathroom.

Before                  After

Before                   After

Before                After

                    Before                All of our hotel toiletries!
                                        Someone needs these!

Friday afternoon while Coralynn napped, I decided to do another 30-minute sort.  My options were limited because I didn't want to take the chance of waking her up.  I decided to work on one of the hall closets.  I was able to organize the top two shelves in 10 minutes.

Shelf One                            Shelf Two 

The rest of this particular closet contains what is left from our homeschooling days and would require more noise than I wanted to make.  It's on next week's list!

Those two shelves only took me 10 minutes so I was also able to switch out the laundry and finish next week's menu plan in the 20 remaining minutes.  I'm amazed how much can be accomplished in a focused 30-minute effort!


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