Praises- A Pictoral Review!

Last Thursday, we took Coralynn to the ENT because of her speech delays.  The ENT discovered that Coralynn had chronic fluid in her middle ear.  She was given two medicines, got x-rays and an appointment to see an audiologist.  Proving God isn't too big to care about our concerns, Tony found out that the audiologist went to the University of Illinois and worked in our hometown.  (It's a town of 20K people in the middle of an Illinois cornfield.)  I was touched beyond measure that the Lord cared enough about my little worries to send us to someone from "home."

Yesterday, we saw the audiologist.  She ran 4 hearing tests on Coralynn and concluded that she has no hearing issues beyond the fluid, and even those losses are mild.  Praise God!!  We're now praying and believing that the medicine will clear up the fluid so surgery won't be necessary.  But, if surgery is necessary, the audiologist assured me that the ENT we are seeing is highly competent.

Yesterday, we were supposed to spend the afternoon cleaning up for company we were having that evening.  About 15 minutes after geting home from school, Chloe's Georgia bff skyped.  They hadn't talked in weeks so we decided that catching up with our friend is far more important than catching up on the laundry!

Tony's boss from Illinois was in Panama yesterday, and it just so happened that a new CAT store was having it's grand opening.  So, we headed out to the festivities.  It was unbelievable.  There were appetizers and drinks, freebies, and discount cards being handed out.  They were definitely drawing a crowd.

Although I don't bleed CAT yellow like my husband does, I was quite proud to see how well the store was being received.  (And it's a hoot to go these functions with accountants.  They just look at the world differently- more cheaply!)

They even cut a yellow CAT ribbon with yellow-ribboned scissors!   
(Felt like I was with dignitaries!) 

 After we left the grand opening, we headed out to dinner with Tony's boss, Bill.  It was a wonderful time getting to have grown-up conversation.  I thanked Bill for not making me cut his meat!  Bill and his family spent several years overseas about a decade ago, so he is a great mentor and encourager to us.  My life is easier when Tony has a good supervisor, and Bill might be the greatest boss ever.  I count him among our blessings!


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